Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Alright, I'm Back!

After almost a month of silence, Musings of A Frustrated Lady Writer rises from its deep slumber and is ready to continue!

Part of the reason for the break was because of a very hectic three weeks at my job. First off we were down a lot of people due to a training class for dental claims, then a lot of callouts and sick days turned my once-robust night team into a skeleton crew. Calls seemed to pour in without end. Along with that, I began helping out with a long-term project that involves returned checks and there was a significant learning curve with that. But things have settled down and my focus can now change back to other matters, like this blog!

Right now, there are workers repairing the roofs of all the apartment buildings in my complex. After months of living with leaks and a semi-permanent solution of tarps over said roofs, the repairs are in full swing. Even with this finally coming to pass, I am still going to move out of the complex when my lease is up. So that is one huge thing that is happening later on this year. As it gets closer, I'll go into more detail. Right now my focus is on getting rid of as much stuff as possible.

Writing and reading also sat in the back-seat for a long while too. Since I have today and tomorrow off from work, I am going to use this time to catch up on reading and working on finishing a project.

Last weekend, I was able to attend another Writers' League of Texas class in Austin, where I learned the fine art of writing short stories. It was tremendous fun, especially since the class was held in a community college that was once an old mall.

Also, for those that know I live in San Antonio, you may have heard about my hometown getting its ass kicked by tornadoes on Sunday night. I can assure you that my folks and I are safe and sound, also the same can be said for the citizens as well. Despite the catastrophic damage, there are no reports of serious injuries or deaths. We are fortunate in that matter. Plus it helped a lot it was late at night on a Sunday and pretty much everyone was at home sleeping. I'll talk about my experience on that night in a separate entry.

Hope you are all doing well! It's good to be back. Until next time, stay cozy and stay beautiful!

P.S.: I wanna give a shout-out to my most-excellent friend and old B&N colleague Kristin who runs a minimalism/lifestyle blog The Mulberry Patch. She is a phenomenal writer and photographer, go check out her work here! You can follow her on Instagram as well.

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