Thursday, June 1, 2017

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

Hey everyone, it’s been a real long time since I posted on here. And there was a reason for it; that reason was I was getting tired of this blog. I found myself without any inspiration to update it with any kind of post, even though I did take time out to plan out some potential topics, yet I didn’t get the muster up to actually finish them. For a while I cited this lack of motivation as depression, then later to being busy with work. You can tell starting from late 2014 that once I got a full-time job, keeping up with Musings became more challenging, so this wasn’t far from the truth. So I decided, since I didn’t know what was causing it, to take a step back and give it a few months to figure it out. It dawned on me about three months into 2017…

I was done.

Sure I could keep it up for myself, but updating it is not the plan anymore. There was a time where this blog was a safe harbor, especially when I was in college and working in retail. Now that those days are long gone and I have a lot of things going on: full-time job, living on my own, paying rent and other things (including a car payment!); it is time to clean house and find out what I want to spend my time doing. One of those things did not include keeping up with this blog.

So what is the future of Musings? Well, after this entry, there will be no more. The blog will not be deleted, I rather keep it up for archival purposes and for myself. If I do start another blog, it will likely be at Wordpress, but the when I cannot say and that day may never even come.

I am fonder of keeping paper journals, especially since I’ve fallen into the hobby of fountain pens as of late. Taking the journal class with Rowdy Kittens sealed the deal for me on how I felt about this blog. It just took me much longer to admit it.

To those who stopped by, been here from the beginning, or whenever… thank you so much. I don’t know how many of you are there, but you all count. Thanks to my friends who left comments, for continuing discussions, and just being awesome overall. Thanks to my family who barely flinched when I announced I wanted to be a writer when I was sixteen.

If you want to continue to follow my adventures, check me out on Instagram (link at the right side): @thenewadventuress.

It’s been a fun, heartbreaking, crazy, weird, funny ten years.

Fare thee well!

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